Material 2020  06/02/20 - 09/02/20
Frontón México

Returning to Material for the 4th time, as the winner of last year’s Hennessy Prize for Best Project, Chez Mohamed presents « FAN SOCKS », an installation by Thomas Mailaender.


Bringing a breath of cool, refreshing air to a stuffy, humid and overbearing day, FAN SOCKS is an edition comprising of 100 standard issue ceiling fans, whose blades have been replaced by white sport socks with blue and red stripes. Each piece comes in a custom made cardboard crate with an instruction manual de- signed by the artist.


Fully functional, yet displaying elements and qualities associated with a ready- made, this year’s booth features two of the said fans in both states, one rotating and the other, flacid, with its three sport socks, hanging absurdly still.