Ici c’est Paris  16/10/18 - 16/10/18
Boulevard de Courcelles

Marie Hélène Herald is a keen observer of the people and rhythms of life in Pigalle, where she has been living for 50 years in a ground floor studio at on Rue Frochot. Born in Grande Kabylie, Algeria, Herald fled to France in 1962 along with many other «Pieds-Noirs». She then decided to settle in Pigalle in 1969 and started work as a cleaner in the «Bars à Truands» and «Bars à Filles» of the area.


Having always had an attachment to drawing and painting, she depicts the daily scenes of Pigalle on canvas, in notebooks and scrap pieces of paper or cardboard. She represents dancers, actresses or musicians, sex workers, bar owners, waiters and waitresses, regular patrons and passers by. Her work which shares some of the characteristics of Art Brut, as described by Jean Dubuffet or Raymonde Moulin, has never been shown before.


Her first solo show takes place inside the gallery’s 1988 Lincoln Town Car Limousine parked outside of Paris Internationale Art fair, in a spirit reminiscent of a car boot sale or a tailgate party, challenging notions of portability for works and exhibitions.


Curated by Thomas Mailaender & Anatole Maggiar