LAMPS  30/01/20 - 14/02/20
Chic By Accident Gallery, Orizaba 28, Roma Norte, Mexico City

The paper plate was invented in 1867 by the German bookbinder Hermann Henschel, and with it came a tool to bring higher standards of hygiene to the 20th century. In 1948, McDonald’s re-opened its restaurants, no longer serving meals with the use of glasses, plates or cutlery, but instead with disposable foodservice packaging.

72 years later, fast food and take-out food represent a significant amount of the material that ends up in our landfills and pollutes some of the most remote areas of our planet. However fragile a wax cup or a paper bucket may be, they still remain prized memorabilia for many collectors who develop a real obsession around these single-use objects, their design, branding and history.


Taking into account Mailaender’s love of design and archiving, it comes as no surprise that he delivers a combination of both passions into a single series, soberly entitled « Lamps ». Fabricated in steel with vintage fast food wax cups as lampshades, they come in the shape of table lamps and larger floor lamps, forming an archeology of our modern times, combining influences from XXth century French design such as Jean Royère and the Maison Jansen with Chicken Mc Nuggets and KFC Buckets.



Chez Mohamed would like to thank Emmanuel Picault and Manuel Herrera for their invitation at Chic by Accident gallery in Mexico City and for their unwavering support.