Material 2019  07/02/19 - 10/02/19
Frontón México

Automatic Retailing Unit (ARU01) discusses the art of buying and the buying of art through the use of an entirely autonomous and mechanised vending machine.

The mysterious process of sales to collectors and the frenzy surrounding art fairs – which remain at the core of many fantasies about the art world in a context where many galleries are experiencing widespread precarity – is at the heart of this demonstration.

Using a standard rotating metal coil to release works from behind a tamper-resistant glass, ARU01 rethinks the transactional aspect of the art market into a performative action, leaving far behind the traditional sales method and usual interactions between gallery and collector.



For this presentation, Chez Mohamed has received the Hennessy Prize for Best Project, and is granted a free booth next year in the principal section at Material 2020!


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