Tiny Paintings For Tall People  31/12/18 - 07/01/18
Jotyia- Soukh de Taroudant

11 Artists were asked to create a piece from a 10 x 15cm blank cotton canvas. Linked only by their incongruous format, they form a collection of works that was then dispersed through 11 shops of the Taroudant soukh. In conversation with the natural rhythm of the market, the pieces were disseminated amongst a rug seller, a barber, a mobile phone repair shop, a kif dealer, a library, a jeweler, a berber pharmacist, a fruit and veg shop and an antiques dealer.


Hanging in these places of business for a week they became a ‘jeu de piste’ for locals and tourists to track down and be guided by word of mouth from piece to piece in a busy and bustling labyrinthic setting .The covered market of Taroudant, just like in other middle eastern cities is a dizzying place composed of about 10 large arteries, stemming off in different veins, passages, corridors which do not obey to any attempts at using a smartphone based gps, and cultivates disorientation of the tourists as an art form, making these few interconnected streets an unaccessible maze to the untrained passer by.